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P2p Circulator Bus Philadelphia 2153519167

(215) 351-9167

Addresses Found

Street Address: 121 N 11th St
Address Locality: Philadelphia
Address Region: PA
Postal Code: 19107
Address Country: US

Phone Numbers

  • (215) 351-9167.


User Reviews
thanks apex bus for getting me to NYC and back for a quick trip! I had no issues w/ the ride except on the way home (it got a little hot) wish the driver would have turned on the AC longer.......


I feel that I have to write a review for this as I was TERRIFIED to take this bus after reading reviews. (Philly to DC trip) So, here's the story: Megabus seats, I don't know why, play very......

Pam S***

I can't tell the difference between either Chinatown bus service (there are two that I know of) - and I have taken them repeatedly in the past few years! I've heard horrible stories regarding......

Dave ***

One of the many Chinatown buses, it has a spot to wait indoors for the next bus (useful in the heat of summer or chill of winter), and staff that are urging the round-ticket purchases - $20......

Hank ***

I always heard bad things about the Chinatown buses but have nothing bad to say about my experience. Apex lets you buy your tickets online, then you just print and show up for one of the buses......


First off, LET'S ALL AGREE that $20 for a round trip ticket fr. NYC to Philly is pretty damn good. Now...who here on Yelp agrees that you get what you pay for? I DO. Seriously people, don't......


Usually I think that there is hardly a difference between the two Chinatown buses (New Century and Apex) but this morning I'm feeling differently. The BF and I decided to just hop on the first......

Erin ***

This is a great way to travel. Their prices are lower than Greyhound, and you can buy tickets at the last minute without a reservation. The ride is pretty comfortable unless they're very crowded....


I'm updating my review but keeping the # of stars the same. I've taken Apex bus a few times now (Philly to DC), and haven't had any major problems once I'm actually on the bus. No funny smells,......


I've taken Apex bus 5 times now, going from Philadelphia to New York. It could learn a few crucial lessons from FungWah in terms of service. Getting on Apex is easy. I usually buy my ticket......

Lisa ***

Not all Chinatown buses are created equal... I take New Century (2000 Coach) most of the time, but last weekend I got suckered by the woman in NYC Chinatown screaming "PHILADELPHIA!!" to board......


This is easily the best of the three bus company (other two-greyhound and new century bus) options for my fortnightly trip down to Baltimore. Before I get into the review, I want to give you......


The Apex Bus (also known as the "P2P Circulator" for "Penn to Penn") has multiple locations in Philadelphia and goes to various locations along the Northeast Corridor. Most people will be using......


Cheap. At writing, it's 15 dollars per way to DC. You'll be sitting next to questionable individuals. The bus smells a little and the stops deliver a powerfully pungent smell of piss. When......


I've always found Apex to be a little less reliable than 2000 Coach, which is also two blocks closer to Center City. They run less buses, are harder to find on East Broadway, and just a bit......

Jake ***

unclean buses, took longer than stipulated, but for me the website was the worst fucking part. The website is confusing which resulted in booking on the wrong date. I have had much cleaner,......


The rating forces me to give them one star but really I want to give them 0 stars. I took Apex once to NYC and the bus was incredibly stinky- bad enough that I didn't bother to take my prepaid......


Got me from point A to point B, and point B to point A. Took a little longer than I expected. But my friend said this is better than the other Chinatown Bus. Also its easy to find the Bus back......

John ***

re APEX that i took from NY - DC last week. there are more important things that the cost. cheap is great but most americans (OK maybe not all) can afford to pony up an extra $10 for quality......

nina ***

PP Circulator New York Philly Bus ppcirculator Philadephia GotoBus.


(215) 351-9167   PICKED FOR YOU   
How to get from NYC to Philly using public transportation, and how to get around the city when you get there. Bus, train, taxi, rail, trolley, cheapest rides, Chinatown, Penn Station, map.
Apex BusTodays Bus. buses daily. From NYC Allen St at Canal St. To Philadelphia, N th St. note ApexTodays Bus also own the PP circulator bus line that runs from NY Penn station to Philadelphia, see below. note apex bus has been shut down by feds, may .
Find the location and information about Transit Center in Philadelphia, PA with Address, Phone number and Website.
Recent news about the Charm City Circulator bus, which I often use and will remain a free service, and the Red Line, which I won't be taking any time soon, made me take stock in public transit in the Baltimore region.
CarSam Bus. NYCPenn Station Baltimore. Premium Bus Guarantee seat for online reservation,Special ChristmasNew Year Schedule. Boston NYC Lucky Star Bus middot Boston Deluxe middot Fung Wah Transport Vans, Inc. NYCPenn Station Philadelphia. PP Circulator. NYC Philadelphia , PA Apex Bus busesday

Curbside intercity buses are distinct from established intercity bus services, such as ... commuter rail between New York and Philadelphia. Despite the ..... Department of Justice look into the bus companies in . AM. AM. New Century. Apex Todays Bus. Boltbus. PP Circulator. Commuter Rail. Amtrak.

reviews of Apex Bus CLOSED quotthanks apex bus for getting me to NYC and back for a quick trip I had no issues w the ride except on the way home it got a little hot wish the driver would have turned on the AC longer. But for the price i

Apex Bus CLOSED Chinatown Philadelphia, PA
Public Transportation in Philadelphia, PA

NextBus provides realtime transit information to passengers.

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But definitely check the time of the last R back to Philly. And yes, its ... you can take the septa train from doylestown to th street station, and then take PP Circulator direct to NYC Penn Station. Its to and ... You might also want to consider one of the new bus services Mega Bus or Bolt Bus. Both arenbsp...

Can you get to New York City from Doylestown, PA by train

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Philadelphia th between Market amp Chestnut Duration Roughly hours or less. Apex Bus Depart E. Broadway Arrive Philadelphia Chinatown N th Street Duration . hours. Cost one way, round trip. PP Circulator Depart New York Penn Station Arrive th St. and Market St. innbsp...

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