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Bill The Butcher Bellevue 4256374920

(425) 637-4920 Bill the Butcher CLOSED Bellevue, WA

Addresses Found

Street Address: 10600 Main St
Address Locality: Bellevue
Address Region: WA
Postal Code: 98004
Address Country: US

Street Address: 3800 34th Ave W
Address Locality: Seattle
Address Region: WA
Postal Code: 98199
Address Country: US

Street Address: 10600 Main Street
Address Locality: Bellevue
Address Region: WA
Postal Code: 98004
Address Country: US

Street Address: 24 Roy Street #16
Address Locality: Seattle,
Address Region: WA
Postal Code: 98109
Address Country: United States

Phone Numbers

  • (425) 637-4920.
  • (206) 829-9741.
  • (425) 637-4920.


User Reviews
On a suggestion by a friend, fellow yelper "Vi" I visited Bill the Butcher. Bought a few pork chops to try- they were really good. I didn't think I could taste the difference, but both my husband......


Not surprised this place closed down. The only time I ordered something from them was when I HAD to have a 25 lb. fresh ham for the holidays. I was making a typical Cuban dinner (pork, black......

Olga ***

We were leaving lunch at King & I Thai (now with 20% more hugs!) when we spotted Bill the Butcher just across the street. I'm a sucker for a butcher shoppe. I can't help it. Cold, dead animal......


Ive been looking forward to having a local butcher in Bellevue for quite some time, but I've been sadly disappointed. I called the shop asking for the price for pork shoulder. The butcher,......


In my search of the perfect steak in Seattle area, I came to a fair conclusion - the perfect steak would be the one you buy from Bill and cook it yourself. You get grass-fed beef for the price......


This is a great addition to downtown Bellevue. Opening day (Sept 18) turned out to be an awesome sunny day! Staff is very professional. The layout of the store is spot on. And the star of the......


So disappointed! I had heard good things about Bill and was very excited to go check out the Bellevue store. For such a large space, there was so little meat. The front 2/3rd's is nothing but......

Erin ***

Staff: Professional, friendly, very knowledgeable Selection: Great selection of meat and gourmet products Meat: They slice to order! The $12.99lb organic sirloin is the best steak I have ever......


Because of Bill, I never get meat at Safeway. EVER. This place feels pretty sophisticated and I usually have to humble myself and ask, "Can this choice of meat go well with a stew or stir fry?"......


A little way from the heart of Bellevue, this butcher shop is an excellent source of quality meats. Unlike other upscale "meateries", the prices at Bill's are quite reasonable. And while you......


I went in there with the idea that it would be full of meat. All kinds of meat. Cuts that I could only find in China Town. But when we got there, there was nothing. THey didn't even have a......

Amy T***

I had an amazing time at the grilling the perfect steak demo!...

Ryan ***

Stopped in today with a specific meal in mind and they had the meat I needed. I have to say that this is by far the best place I've ever purchased meat. I can say without a doubt this is where......


My husband go to Bill's on a weekly basis, and are very happy they have moved into the neighborhood. Great cuts of meat, some of the best brats we've ever had. I've even stopped by to grab......

Erin ***

i stopped by here on saturday because i wanted to check them out and possibly buy me a steak. i went to the redmond joint a few weeks back and they put me on to the new bellevue location. it's......

Ivan ***

I went in looking for two things, bone marrow bones and a bone in rib-eye. They had the bone in rib-eye but were out of bone marrow bones which was disappointing. The rib-eye I bought from......


I love having Bill the Butcher in Magnolia, where we have little access to artisan, local and wholesome places to shop and eat. The meat is always the best quality. You have to know something......

Kara ***

I'm so glad to have a wonderful shop like this so close to where I live! For me, it works best to come in here and be inspired by what they have available. The quality of the meat is great.......


I didn't actually buy their products, but I made a trip over here and was disappointed in their selection. Nothing dry aged, no cuts of beef nicer than a sirloin available. The selection at......

Ben S***

Shady, shady, shady... I don't know if any of you shopped at the Butcher Shoppe on 65th and 20th in Ballard (It went out of business 7 years ago) but they made some amazing Swedish Sausage.......


"Bill the Butcher," fails the sniff test... Twice. Must read articles from the stranger... Such a shame, because the meat is tasty, but I won't be back after reading these. http://www.thestranger.c......

Adam ***

Definitely meh. The positive, I was thrilled to find a local place for raw milk. The negative, enthusiasm was lacking quite a bit for sales. I felt like I should already know everything and......


This is my go to Butcher. I like that they are willing to try and get you what you want, unlike some of the other butchers in the area. They are always super helpful when I go in here and if......


My fiance and I go jogging at Discovery Park ever so often. When we were driving back home from the Park today, we noticed this store (we did not know it was new) and said "hey, it's finally......


Meat is good. I like meat. I like meat a lot. They don't mess around with the meat at Bill's. From ground buffalo to basic organic chicken breasts they've got it. I like that. Prices are to......

sara ***

Think you can't afford REAL, natural, pure quality? Then you haven't been to Bill the Butcher! It was only during my third visit that I realized their meat prices are really low! $4.99/lb.......


I find the service at this shop excellent. They always throw in a few free bones for my dog (the Bellevue shop charges me for the dog bones). They custom made organic Argentine chirozo for......


I love Bill! Or rather Barry and his butcher minions at this location. I like that they are a responsible ecological establishment that does the vetting for you (although I like to educate......

Jean ***

Bill, do you want to know why I'm never going to waste my time going into your shop in Magnolia again? (Probably not, since your customer service is lousy.) The last three times I went in at......

Bill ***

2 NY steaks, perfectly cooked on the rare side of medium rare. Extremely tough, as in almost unable to cut them with a very sharp steak knife. At least the rest of the meal; sauteed zucchini,......


A three star review because you don't like the fact that they have a table of pickles for sale? Seriously? I haven't tried the meat yet, but the place and product looks great, the staff seems......

Zoe C***

Yep, 5 stars. I stopped in one day not needing any meat but had a wonderful discussion with the butcher on duty and learned a lot of their philosophy. The animal is respected. Lol, does that......


reviews of Bill the Butcher CLOSED quotOn a suggestion by a friend, fellow yelper quotViquot I visited Bill the ... Photo of Bill the Butcher Bellevue, WA, United States.


Specialties The return of the neighborhood butcher. Bill the Butcher believes in supporting sustainable farming practices and working with local farmers and ranchers who raise beef, pork and poultry without hormones, steroids and

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Former employees are suing for unpaid wages.
Bill the Butcher Bellevue Meat Markets Bellevue, WA Reviews
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When Dr. Mark Adams of the health and wellness company, Onvo, needs to jump start a new program for a client, he doesn't send them off with a list of tasteless diet foods to buy. Instead, he writes a prescription for grass fed, grass finished meat and sends them next door to Bill the Butcher.
Bill the Butcher Demo Braised Rabbit

Sep , ... The Bellevue shop, which employs six, has plenty of free parking. Bill the Butchers Bellevue shop, located at Main Street, will be opennbsp...

Bill the Butcher, Inc. Opens Neighborhood Butcher Shop, Its th Store, in Bellevue
SEATTLE, Sept. , GLOBE NEWSWIRE Bill the Butcher, Inc. OTCBBBILB, a retailer of organic and natural, grassfed meats, opened its newest neighborhood butcher shop in downtown Bellevue, WA, bringing the Seattle company's total butcher shops to six.

Feb , ... Join us this month as Butcher amp Chef John Neumark tackles a seasonal Lamb dish. John will talk about the history of various spring Lambnbsp...

Bill the Butcher Demo Spring Lamb
Bill the Butcher Demo Spring Lamb

Sep , ... Bill The Butcher opened its th shop this week, this time in Downtown Bellevue. The Bellevue location occupies the former Bellevue Paintnbsp...

Bill The Butcher Opens on Main Street in Bellevue
Bill The Butcher opened its th shop this week, this time in Downtown Bellevue. The Bellevue location occupies the former Bellevue Paint location on Main Street th Ave. The mission of Bill the B

Oct , ... Bill the Butcher billed a million home for CEO JAmy Owens as quotcorporate facilities.quot Owens is now the subject of a lawsuit in an attempt tonbsp...

Before closure, Bill the Butcher was making payments on CEO's million home Puget Sound Business Journal
Bill the Butcher billed a million home for CEO J'Amy Owens as corporate facilities. Owens is now the subject of a lawsuit in an attempt to force her out of the house.

Feb , ... Join us at our Bellevue Bill the Butcher Shop as Butcher amp Chef John Neumark starts the St. Patrick Celebration early by introducing anbsp...

Bill the Butcher Demo Irish Shepherd's Pie
Bill the Butcher Demo Irish Shepherd's Pie

HERITAGE . Laurent Cauc was born and raised in the Normandy countryside, his family heritage is reflected within this new retail venture conceptnbsp...


OOB as of . Founded in to change the world, One steak at a time, Bill the Butcher is the brainchild of retail expert JAmy Owens. Bill the Butcher is anbsp...

Bill The Butcher
OOB as of . Founded in to change the world, One steak at a time, Bill the Butcher is the brainchild of retail expert JAmy Owens. Bill the Butcher is a gourmet meat company selling local sustainable, ethical and grassfinished meats including pastureraised beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and turkey that is the healthiest and most delicious meat a consumer can buy. The Company also sells specialty items such as marinades, charcuterie, dairy products and other items needed to prepare a healthy and tasty meal without the need to visit a large super market. Shops also stock a wide variety of sauces, rubs, and spices for a complete meat lovers destination. The company has launched six shops in the greater Seattle, Washington area where it is headquartered, and plans to launch more stores and an internet eCommerce site in . By offering the finest meat in an authentic grassroots environment, Bill the Butcher has modernized, reinvented and reintroduced the butcher shop. It is the bu

Sep , ... Meanwhile, Bill The Butcher closed two of its six stores in the last few months one in Old Bellevue and another in Madison Park that didnt havenbsp...

Bill the Butcher bets on local appeal over organic
After a costly personal and professional breakup, the cofounders of local meat purveyor Bill the Butcher are finally moving on. What's next Continue reading

Best Butcher in Crossroads, Bellevue, WA Golden Steer Choice Meats, Gizmos Butcher Shop, ... I had been going to Bill the Butcher prior to finding these guys.

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