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Bill The Butcher Wallingford Shop Seattle 2065475780

(206) 547-5780 Bill the Butcher Wallingford Shop CLOSED Wallingford Seattle, WA

Addresses Found

Street Address: 4612B Stone Way N
Address Locality: Seattle
Address Region: WA
Postal Code: 98103
Address Country: US

Street Address: 3600 NE 45th St
Address Locality: Seattle
Address Region: WA
Postal Code: 98105
Address Country: US

Street Address: 4612B Stone Way N
Address Locality: Seattle
Address Region: WA
Postal Code: 98103

Phone Numbers

  • (206) 547-5780.
  • (206) 588-2539.
  • (206) 547-5780.


User Reviews
I came in to buy a beef roast. I didn't get quite what I wanted, but I did feel like I was talking to a french specialty butcher, because that's how I romanticize my experiences; it's kind......


Cool looking place and probably cool stuff inside. I am reviewing the sandwiches because that's what I've tried. The guy behind the counter went back and forth in figuring out whether the pate......


I had my very first experience with Bill the Butcher today. The gentleman behind the counter was friendly and helpful. The smoked ham hocks were $2 less per pound then the ones I recently purchased......

Opal ***

Being from the north end the Bill the Butcher we always go to is in Woodinville. Having been speeding down Stone Wy we took a quick right into BTB parking lot since you can never have too much......


When they were first getting going in the area, they got slammed by some local rags for sourcing concerns but at this point they have established themselves and continue to try to provide a......


As much as I am not a fan of paying for $13 for a sandwich the "Pile of Pastrami" sandwich was totally worth it. I wish there was a bigger selection of lunch meats. The staff was very friendly......


I like Bill the Butcher. I've stopped in here a variety of times just to see what interesting meats they have and I always end up leaving with something. I've tried different kinds of smoked......

Suie ***

After two years of coming soon signs this place is finally open. We had seen the other locations and knew it was going to be pricey, so we were prepared for that. I liked all the specialty......


I work nearby this shop and stop in weekly to pick up supplies for dinner after work. The guys in there have always been helpful and friendly when i come in with just a vague idea of what i......

Joe C***

I try to eat organic grass fed meat most of the time not only because of its health benefits but it tastes so much better than any other meat. We are very lucky to live within a few blocks......


We ordered our rib roast for Christmas dinner here. It was the first time I've purchased from Bill the Butcher. We typically buy grass-fed beef from a local farmer, then splurge on a rib roast......


VERY expensive and not a very big meat selection. The filet mignon I took home was brown when I unwrapped it , not pink or red at all the way a fresh steak should be. The service was great,......

Kim S***

The guys here have been really helpful when I have gone in. Obviously the price is a little steep, but when you know that you're buying meat that's really good for you, then it's worth it....


Shoe leather textured NY cuts and Italian sausages wrapped in same pack as breakfast sausages rendering the breakfast links oddly flavored. Won't be back....


I kept hearing about this place from my friends, and finally went in over the weekend. Great service, really sweet people. I got the meatloaf, and the guy who rang us up said it was his creation.......


Good selection of different meats and stuff (including rabbit, duck fat, raw milk and stuff I couldn't identify), good advice and cooking tips and some awesome smoked meats. They'll cut your......

Erin ***

Bill the Butcher, meet Susan the Scatterbrained. It seemed like a good idea to make a pork rib roast for a dinner party of 7 on a Tuesday night, except finding a pork rib roast in Seattle seems......


Wonderful grass fed, organic meat! I have tried a number of items, from andouille sausage to lamb. It has all been excellent. The butcher receives delicious lamb (not gamey) from Oregon every......


I drove out of my way to come to the Bill the Butcher at Laurelhurst yesterday, but when I arrived, I found the store was closed with a sign at the door stating that they were closed due to......

Opal ***

Did someone open this business as a joke? You know, if we open a few butcher shops in upper income neighborhoods, offer very few selections so customers think the meat is special, then charge......

Lee G***

Anyone know what to do with a Gift Certificate now? We have a $25 Bill the Butcher gift cert. Does anyone know if we can get this money back or if it's just gone now?...

Jody ***

Meat is old and dried out. Horrible beef jerky. Sorry I can't go back. Needs to get some fresher meat. Filets are all dried out...


Homemade Beef Jerky AND made on premise! My friend recommended this place and I tried it. Now I'm addicted. I've been here a couple of times to pick up steaks, sausages and of course Beef Jerky.......


Bill the Butcher is as good as it gets in Seattle. I've visited the Madison location so I was expecting a lot of the Laurelhurst location. Given that they're owned by the same people, it's......


Great! Prices can be steep on some items, but others it's quite reasonable. The breakfast patties are da bomb! Parking is kind of a pain....


Getting cuts for steak here is so different than at the grocery store. We got two big slabs that were aged, and made a world of difference in tenderness (we cooked ours medium-well, and it......


Butcher was willing--nay, offered!-- to make me four special-order sausages. Great personal service....


So, I finally felt better after having that crazy cold that's going around...decided to treat me and my sweetie to a nice steak. This was probably the last "sunny" saturday left in the year...and......


After having a fairly negative experience with Bill the Butcher's Laurelhurst location I found myself contacted by the management assuring me that they had made staffing changes and asking......

Kyle ***

If you want high quality meats, cheeses, or a few free samples, you should definitely check this place out. If you want local, organic, grass-fed beef, this is the place to go. It's more expensive......

Brad ***

Been here 6 weeks and finally decided to stop in and see what the store had to offer. My family was really glad I did! I bought 3 things which got raves: sweet Italian sausage, pork tenderloin,......


We LOVE this place!! Since reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma", we've tried to buy local/sustainable meats. Bill the Butcher has a fantastic selection of meats, and they're happy to tell you the......


Picked up some steak on my way home. Was told it was grass fed and grass finished. It was only ok, a bit too chewy and not enough flavor. I'm not craving what I had and will be back if I'm......


This place is FANTASTIC! Great quality meat; we bought a pork butt (woolly pig from a local fam) that we smoked for 14 hours and it was the best pulled pork we've ever had! The staff is very......


reviews of Bill the Butcher Wallingford Shop CLOSED quotI came in to buy a beef ... Photo of Bill the Butcher Wallingford Shop Seattle, WA, United States.


Specialties Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Organic Chicken, Pastured Lamb Established in . We opened our first neighborhood butcher shop in Woodinville the fall of with the simple idea that meat should not be a chemical

(206) 547-5780   PICKED FOR YOU   
Butcher in Seattle, WA
All of the butcher shop's locations are closed.
We did the research so that you don't have to. Rain Shadow Meats Squared and Revel are on the list. See what other places made the cut.
Not only is Bill the Butcher, Inc. cash strapped, but William Von Schneidau, its founder filed a lawsuit last month against the company and its current CEO J'Amy Owens. Von Schneidau aka Bill...
As a number of readers have noticed, Bill the Butcher has hung a sign in the window Due to circumstances beyond our control we are closed until further notice. Thank you for your support, your patronage and welcoming us to your neighborhood. We hope to see you soon. I put in an inquiry to Bill

Jul , ... Update Bill the Butcher owner JAmy Owens says the store should open within days. ... Zaw currently has five locations around Seattle.

Opening Alert Zaw Will Join the Pizza Party on Stone Way N
The youbake pizza chain will bring more pepperoni to the good people of Wallingford and Fremont.

New boutique meat markets have opened in recent months, proving that many of us ... Bills stocks mostly grassfed meats, some local and sustainable meats,nbsp...

Carnivore's Guide Butcher Shops and Meat Markets
New boutique meat markets have opened in recent months, proving that many of us like to shop for our meat the way we shop for our clothes in style. But behind the picturesque displays is substance, with an emphasis on local, sustainably raised meats. Meat Markets

Jun , ... Reeve Baily wrote to tell us some good news about Bill The Butcher ... Q How did you choose Wallingford for your newest location ... Q Designwise, this space feel less like a butchers shop and more like a H Fair in the Midwest. ... Q Right now, Copper River Salmon is available all around Seattle, andnbsp...

Bill The Butcher Will It Finally Open Wallyhood
Reeve Baily wrote to tell us some good news about Bill The Butcher For over a year, theres been a sign outside the ex on Stone Way promising that Bill the Butcher was Coming Soon. However a few weeks ago, there were folks actually building, buzzing and bustling in the space. Fast forward to

Sep , ... The psychodrama surrounding a small chain of Seattle butcher shops is ... Replacing those will be a store in Wallingford on Stone Way and onenbsp...

Bill the Butcher bets on local appeal over organic
After a costly personal and professional breakup, the cofounders of local meat purveyor Bill the Butcher are finally moving on. What's next Continue reading

Oct , ... Bill the Butcher, a tiny publicly traded Seattle company aiming to build a chain ... posted on the doors of the Laurelhurst and Wallingford outlets.

Bill the Butcher stores closed
The chain of highend meat shops, organized in , has been financially strapped for most of its existence.

Oct , ... Jamy Owens at the Wallingford store in . ... Tuesday morning by the Wallyhood blog, Bill the Butcher shuttered all six of its Seattle shops.

Bill the Butcher on the chopping block
The chain of local butcher shops has been temporarily closed. Continue reading

Get detailed financial information on Bill the Butcher Inc OTCMKTSBILB ... The Companys stores stock over items of sustainably raised meat and other ... Magnolia and Wallingford neighborhoods in greater Seattle, Washington.

NEW More information on the rSeattle rules wiki page. .... My cousin lost his job running the Wallingford location as well as not being paid for a month .... a market for sustainable meats by reinventing the neighborhood butcher shop. ... Owens is Bill the Butchers CEO, chief financial officer and only boardnbsp...

Cashpoor Bill the Butcher paid for CEOs fancy Queen Anne home rSeattle
points and comments so far on reddit

Rain Shadow Meats, Bill the Butcher Get Some Love on MSNBC. SeattleWeekly . ... Carnivores Guide Butcher Shops and Meat Markets Seattle Magazine.


Oct , ... Now Eater Seattle and Wallyhood report that all six branches of Bill the Butcher are closed, with an ambiguous sign posted at each shop.

All Six Branches of Bill the Butcher Are Suddenly Closed
The saga of the local butchershop chain known as Bill the Butcher goes back to here at The Stranger, when Matthew Richter wrote about how the business would not divulge its purportedly localorganic meat suppliers, nor label its meats by source. After the article appearedand after Richter made phone calls and every certified organic beef ranch in Washington state said they did not supply meat to Bill the ButcherBill the Butcher became more...